Our 168ct Beauty

Size: 168.87 pre-boil
168.49ct post-boil
Date of Recovery: September 2018

A 168.87 carat Type IIa gem quality diamond was mined from Block Q22 in the FK Kimberlite Domain of Kao Mine, Lesotho, and recovered in the ROM production on the 8th September 2018.

The diamond was exported as per Kimberley Process certificate number LS000349 on the 7th November 2018 from Lesotho to Antwerp Diamond Office where it was received on the 8th November 2018 together with the rest of that export production. After the deep boiling acidization process undertaken at Elmyr Services bvba in Antwerp, the final weight of this large gem diamond is 168.49 carats.

168 Ct