SMD Managers and Team Leaders

SMD Leadership Team

Mohale RalikarikiMohale Ralikariki
Corporate Chief Executive Officer
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  • Mohale joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in April 2016
  • He has over 10 years’ experience in different mining related portfolios
  • Mohale is the former Principal Mining Engineer and Commissioner of Mines in the Government of Lesotho, and former Lesotho contact in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the former member of SADC Mineral Processing Committee
  • He is currently the Chairperson of Lesotho Chamber of Mines
  • Mohale has a Masters Degree in Mining Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia and a Mining Engineering (Hons) from Instituto Superior Minero Metalúrgico de Moa, Cuba
  • He is the member of Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, AusIMM
  • Mohale has a successful track record in making significant contributions to the Lesotho mining sector growth.
El-Jean Nienaber Engineering ManagerEl-Jean Nienaber
Engineering Manager
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  • El-Jean joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in 2020.
  • He holds a B.Eng Mechanical Engineering Honours degree as well as a Government Certificate of Competency – Mines and Works.
  • El-Jean has extensive experience in both operational and project management roles, covering underground mining, opencast mining as well as processing plant operations.
  • He is safety driven and views safety as an integral part of a productive and successful business.
  • El-Jean has been leading and assisting various engineering teams in the sustainable and efficient optimization of maintenance practices through tailoring various planned maintenance models to site specific needs and a strong focus on predictive maintenance through new condition monitoring technologies.
  • El-Jean drives his team to adopt a continued innovation and a strong ownership mindset in order to ensure sustainability and long-term operational success.
Malehlohonolo Mojaki -Sustainability ManagerMalehlohonolo Mojaki
Sustainability Manager
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  • Malehlohonolo joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in December 2013
  • She holds a Masters Degree In Environmental Management from the University of the Free state
  • Malehlohonolo has over 9 years of relevant experience in the Mining Industry and is the youngest member of the Management Team
  • She is a dependable team player who is very knowledgeable in the field of Environmental Management.
Phooko ‘Mokose Health & Safety ManagerPhooko Mokose
Safety Manager
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  • Phooko joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in 2014.
  • He holds a BSc in Applied Environmental Sciences, SAMTRAC, COMSOC.
  • Phooko is a member of the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Professionals
  • Phooko is a resilient and results-oriented Health and Safety Manager who has extensive experience in Health and Safety in Mining Operations. Phooko has comprehensive awareness and operational understanding of the risks and processes related to maintaining a safe working environment and is committed to the highest standard of Health and Safety.
  • Phooko has equipped himself with expertise pertaining, but not limited to OHS, Root Cause Analysis Techniques (RCAT), Radiation Protection and Health and Safety Principles as well Making Safe and Declaring Safety of Surface Mines, Quarries, Dumps and Stockpiles (Unblasted) – subsequently leading him to the Health and Safety Manager role which he assumed in 2019.
  • Phooko is a focused and driven leader and can quickly establish rapport in an assertive and caring manner. He is a good communicator on all levels and is happy to work alongside other managers, staff, contractors and external agencies. He currently has a staff of eleven employees including Health and safety officers, nurses, emergency coordinators and a Safety intern who he is training and transferring skills to, in order to build a strong team that will be of benefit to SMD.
Riaan GilfillanRiaan Gilfillan
Mining Manager
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  • Riaan joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in 2022.
  • He holds a B.Eng Mining Engineering degree as well as a Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competency.
  • Riaan has extensive experience in production, project and general management roles, covering underground mining, opencast mining as well as hard rock quarries.
  • From 2016-2022 he has specialised in Drilling and Blasting practises, qualifying as a Blasting Engineer and spent 3 years as GM and Managing Director for a company specialising in sensitive open pit blasting.
  • Riaan started his career on the underground coal mines in Kriel, moving to opencast where he was production manager in one of SA’s largest opencast coal mines and later moved to Sishen Iron ore mine in the Northern Cape.
  • He believes that people are our most valuable resource and that relationships are KEY factors in Safety and Production.
  • Riaan is actively involved at the University of Pretoria (Mining Department) and is currently acting President for MASUP (Mining Alumni for the Students of the University of Pretoria).
Metallurgical ManagerManie Potgieter
Metallurgical Manager
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  • Manie has been working as a metallurgic engineer in the Gold, Platinum and Nickel industries for over 30 years.
  • For 24 years he worked with Anglo American in the Gold and Platinum industry in metallurgical production support, R&D at the Divisional Metallurgical Laboratory, plant superintendentship and production management
  • From 2012 - 2018, he worked with African Rainbow Minerals’ Platinum Division in the positions of MMZ manager and Head of Department Concentrate Production
  • In 2018 he joined Hummingbird Resources at Yanfolia Gold Mine as Head of Processing and Acting GM when GM not on site
  • Manie joined Storm Mountain Diamonds as Metallurgical Manager in 2022
  • He holds an NHD in Extraction Metallurgy (Technicon Witwatersrand), a Junior Management Programme Qualification and Senior Management Programme (UNISA)
Lebohang Toloane Security ManagerLebohang Toloane
Security Manager
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  • Lebohang joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in October 2016
  • He holds a BCom Degree Information Systems and Finance
  • He is a member of the Northern Region Security Committee
  • Lebohang has 17 years’ of relevant work experience. His background is in the infantry, having served in the Lesotho Defence Force where he held positions in Planning, Finance & Admin, Military Signals as well as an Assistant Physiotherapy.
    Lebohang was the Head of Security at Mothae Diamonds before joining the SMD team.
Kekeletso Molojwane Human Resource ManagerKekeletso Molojwane
Human Resource Manager
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  • Kekeletso holds a BCom HRM degree and has a Postgraduate certificate in HRM.
  • She is a member of the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).
  • Kekeletso has 15 years HR experience with 8 years on a management level. She has a vast general HR experience working for organisations such as SA Bureau of Standards, Transnet Engineering, Connection Group, PWC, etc. Her experience includes taking part in HR strategy development and implementation, providing strategic direction & guidance to achieve business strategy, succession planning, talent management, change management, organisational and performance management, training & Development, Employee Relations, Employee Health & Wellness and Compensation.
  • As a leader, Kekeletso is committed to fostering an environment that values diversity, encourages open communication and provides opportunities for professional development.
Kananelo Sematlane Recovery ManagerKananelo Sematlane
Recovery Manager
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  • Kananelo joined Storm Mountain Diamonds in October 2011.
  • She holds a Diploma in Financial Accounting from the University Of Pretoria.
  • She is also a Certified Accounting Technician - ACCA.
  • Kananelo worked previously as Finance and Admin Manager at the Training Centre for Mineworkers Development Agency.