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Engaging, collaborating & supporting

At Storm Mountain Diamonds, we recognize the importance of engaging and working in collaboration with the communities in which we operate. Therefore, we continue to play a meaningful role in mine community development, guided by the company’s CSR Policy.

Our SMD CSR Policy is an integral part of our business strategy and a framework for engaging with local communities and other stakeholders to support sustainable development initiatives, national priorities and international conventions. The company actively engages with local communities to make a positive contribution through sustainable programs. We pride ourselves on the level of direct participation we continue to see in the communities that are affected by our mining operations and the benefits that it is generating. We have embarked on extensive initiatives to develop mine communities with the major focus being on:

  • Education & training
  • Development of sustainable income generating projects
  • Support to local businesses
  • Community health
  • Other projects that are not within the focus areas but benefit the local communities or nation at large.

Kao Foundation
The KAO foundation was formed by the mine employees. They donate to the needy as Kao Mine employees independent of the mine CSR. However, their initiatives are driven by the Sustainability Department.

Community Education Projects

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Community Health Initiatives