KAO Mine

KAO Oopen Pit Mine

KAO Mine Location

Situated at around 2 500m above sea level, SMD's Kao open pit mine is one of the world’s highest gemstone operations and in statistical terms has the largest undeveloped diamondiferous-bearing pipe in Lesotho.

The town Butha Buthe, beside the Hlotse River (Caledon River), is the capital of the Butha Buthe region, earning its name from the Butha Buthe Plateau, which is one of the most significant local cultural heritage sites for the Basotho. Butha Buthe Plateau is no doubt one of the area's main attractions. It’s a flat-topped sandstone plateau, its peak offers an absolutely stunning view with its wonderful backdrop of the Maluti mountains.

It is against this beautiful landscape that Storm Mountain Diamonds Kao mine operates.

KAO Pit May 2021

Kao Mine

Where is SMD KAO mine Situated?