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In February 2019 we Celebrated and Honoured Our King Moshoeshoe I


Visiting the Sekiring Porenki Villagers

Porenki Village, Kao
August 2021

The community of Tiping was relocated in November 2020 to their new homes in Sekiring Porenki by Storm Mountain Diamonds Kao Mine to preserve their livelihoods. The community has settled in well at Porenki village with their standards of living improved. They have improved housing, improved sanitation with tapped water points and toilets, access roads leading to their homes and solar electricity. The mine has also set up income generating projects for them to sustain their livelihoods.

Pit Blast

Storm Mountain Diamonds
May 2021

+-100 meter depth blast. Facies involved in the blast FK (right hand side) and GK (left hand side)

We Celebrate and Honour Our King Moshoeshoe I

Storm Mountain Diamonds
February 2019

Morena Moshoeshoe o re siile le khotso, ka hoo re tla etsa ka matla ho phela ka eona re le baahisane sebakeng sena sa KAO.