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Water Conservation at KAO Mine

Water Conservation Project

The mine loses water from unnecessary loops such as taps left open, supply pipes leaking, over pumping of water for supply etc. The water lost from such areas plays a significant amount in terms of costs associated in the processing of such water from raw water to its cleanness.

The mine thus has to ensure that such losses are covered and taken care of in the quickest of time as they affect water budgeting and production of the mine from the smallest of losses it endures. This can be done by setting goals and targets that can easily be achieved to end up having proper water conservation limits.

It is the responsibility of all water users to find and implement proper strategies to conserve water, either through campaigns, projects and posters (laminated).

The objective of The Water Conservation Campaign was to create an awereness and an understanding of this issue and to educate our employees and the wider community on methods to conserve our precious resource through interactive, fun team excercise.