Community Health

SMD CSR Fresh Water to the community

Clean water, sanitation and primary healthcare
is an integral part of a healthy life and constitutes a basic human right

SMD is bringing sanitation and emergency medical care to the communities surrounding our mine.

To this end, we have installed communal drinking water taps in the Shishila village, in an on-going project to bring clean, safe drinking water to all.

Our drive to provide basic health sanitation, has seen over 196 toilets built, in the villages surrounding the mine's operations.

We have provided waste bins to Butha Buthe urban council and we have donated winter blankets and dry foodstuff to promote healthy living for our local villagers.

SMD provides medical care for the locals in cases of emergencies and emergency response to road accidents off-site. Our mine clinic serves our mine employees and offers the community medical access in emergency situations.

SMD promotes a healthy, active lifestyle by supporting and promoting sport in the community by sponsoring kit and arranging sports games.