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Our main focus areas of our Storm Mountain Diamond CSR policy is Education - both Primary and Vocational Training for skills aquisition.

Graduation of Students from Ntlafatso Skills Training Center

06 July 2023

On Thursday 06th July 2023, 36 youth from Kao villages surrounding the operations of the mine who had been admitted to Ntlafatso Skills Training Center were graduating in the following disciplines: Cooking and catering, plumbing and bricklaying.

Ntlafatso Skills Training Centre is a vocational skills training institution in Mohale’s Hoek fully sponsored by Kao Mine which offers skills training in cooking and catering, plumbing, bricklaying, motor mechanics, panel beating and spray painting, carpentry, sewing and computer and business skills.

The institution was dilapidated, closed and not operational due to lack of funds until 2019 when SMD went into partnership with the institution which led to the renovation and maintenance of the facility. Not only did the mine renovate and maintain the school, but it also procured meals for consumption of the students for the duration of their studies, learning aids, teaching materials and equipment amongst others. The youth are also fully sponsored with tuition, stipend, transport, and medical needs.

In order to ensure investment beyond the life of mine, to date, 57 youth from Kao have graduated from the institution and SMD will continue to fully sponsor the youth of Kao until they have all acquired at least one skill in order to increase their employability or to capacitate them to create their own work/jobs because the future of this country is in the hands of the youth of this country.