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Our main focus areas of our Storm Mountain Diamond CSR policy is Education - both Primary and Vocational Training for skills aquisition.


10 March 2023

On the 27th and 28th February Storm Mountain Diamonds (KAO Mine) had the pleasure of hosting Bart De Hantsetters, Tom Debout and Mathias Vangilbergen from Diamcad on site at KAO Mine Lesotho.

The weather was perfect and the SMD and Namakwa Diamonds Management and Team gave them a very special and educational visit. I am sure they will remember this for a long time to come and have a ‘different’ appreciation of the geological journey and physical effort to recover the diamonds they have the honor/privilege to view and buy in the future.

Left to Right – Ray Ferraris (QTS - KRISTAL DINAMIKA), Mathias Vangilbergen, Tom Debout, Bart De Hantsetters (all 3 from Diamcad) and our very own and special SMD CEO Mohale Ralikariki

Tom, Bart and Mathias - Proudly modelling their PPE

Dr John Ward (Geo extraordinaire) explaining that the big hole down there, similar to the pictures they have seen of the Kimberley big hole, is ‘REALLY’ where those ‘Pinks’ and others come from. Looks like Mathias is not quite believing

And that this pipe was once upon a time +-500mtrs higher. Yeah, yeah yeah !!!

But with the excellent and enthusiastic teachings of John they came away totally convinced and impressed

Thank you, Bart, Tom and Mathias, from Diamcad for coming all this way to visit our mine site in Lesotho. It was a real pleasure for us to have you here and thanks to the team at SMD and Namakwa Diamonds for making their visit very special and memorable.