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SMD's Investment in Early Childhood Development: Society's Early Workplace

11 December 2023

On the 29th of November 2023, proud parents and the Kao community at large celebrated the graduation of their children from the Shishila Early Childhood Care and Development Pre School which is fully funded by Storm Mountain Diamonds - Kao Mine.

Through its Community Investment Strategy, SMD has invested in numerous initiatives to develop the communities surrounding its operations with major focus areas being education and training. SMD believes that investing in early childhood development provides the children with a great foundation and base to succeed academically in higher grades.

As a result, the mine constructed two classrooms, a kitchen, toilets, and playground for children at the school. SMD further assisted with the registration of the school with the Ministry of Education. The mine pays the two teachers who work at the school so that parents do not have to pay fees for their children to attend the school.

The preschool is fully funded by the mine as all expenses for the school are taken care of by the mine for the past 12 years since the inception of the school. Over 436 children have graduated from the school over the years, with 18 graduates for the 2023 academic year.