ESG Campaign

Our main focus areas of our Storm Mountain Diamond CSR policy is Education - both Primary and Vocational Training for skills aquisition.

SMD launches ESG as its approach to responsible mining

25 May 2023

Storm Mountain Diamonds (SMD) has launched its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) campaign as a way of raising awareness of environmental, social and corporate governance requirements. The launch was held on the 11th May 2023 where employees were engaged on ESG matters and their knowledge tested on what ESG is and its requirements in a manner that is fun, engaging and inclusive to accommodate all employees.

ESG is thus a set of standards that assess how a company, in a world moving towards a green and sustainable future, understands and works towards minimizing risk and maximizing opportunities to the natural environment.


ESG further guides companies on how to improve labour and working conditions as well as support and improve the quality of lives of local communities in which it operates. It also emphasizes on the need for a company to be more resilient and sustainable through its managing of systems to ensure legal compliance, upholding good ethics and preventing bribery and corruption.
With this initiative therefore, SMD will shed light on its ESG activities while improving investor transparency and inspiring other companies and organizations to do the same. The different elements that constitute ESG can thus be recapitulated in the following:

Environment: Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Natural Resource Use, Pollution/Waste, and Water Management.
Social: Working Conditions, Human Rights, Health and Safety, Stakeholder Management, Diversity and Inclusion.
Governance: Ethical Standards, Board Diversity and Inclusion, Board Accountability, Financial Accounting and Transparency, and Anti-Corruption Measures.