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Our main focus areas of our Storm Mountain Diamond CSR policy is Education - both Primary and Vocational Training for skills aquisition.

SMD injects in Wool and Mohair Industry in KAO

20 September 2023

Storm Mountain Diamonds (SMD) through its Community Investment Strategy has donated 43 high breed rams and 86 pregnant ewes to the farmers in Kao. The farmers that benefited from this initiative are those residing in Ha Shishila, Lihloahloeng, Porenki, and Nokeng, which are villages surrounding the operations of the mine.

This initiative is meant to improve the breed of sheep of farmers residing in Kao in order to produce high quality wool which will sell at competitive prices in the market and thus improve the livelihoods of the communities surrounding our operations.

This is the second time that SMD invests greatly into the wool and mohair industry through the donation of rams and sheep. In 2022, SMD donated 30 high breed rams to the Motete Wool and Mohair Association. The mine further ensured the construction of offices, kitchen and five accommodation rooms for the personnel working at the woolshed during the wool shearing season.