• Pink Eternity dicovered at Storm Mountain Diamond Mine Lesotho Pink Eternity (47.80 cts)
  • Pink Eternity dicovered at KAO Mine Lesotho Pink Eternity (47.80 cts)



Size: 47.80 cts
Date Recovered: October 2022

In a short space of time, the Kao Mine in Lesotho has become a primary producer of exceptional pink diamonds. Over the last couple of years, some remarkable stones have been recovered, including the Pink Storm, the Purple Princess, the Rose of Kao and the Pink Palesa.

Confirming Kao’s role as a leading producer of pink diamonds, the miner, Storm Mountain Diamonds (Pty) Ltd, is now pleased to announce the recovery and sale of an exceptional pink diamond weighing 47.80 cts, the largest pink diamond recovered at Kao to date. The diamond has been named the Pink Eternity, and it undoubtedly has the sweetest pink colour for which Kao Mine has become well known.