Size: 29.59ct
Date recovered: June 2018

On the 12th June 2018 a 29.65ct special pink stone was recovered at our KAO mine.

This diamond was recovered in one of the KAO sorting glove boxes in the Final Recovery plant by the KAO Recovery team. Due to historical results, it is presumed that this spectacular diamond was recovered from the FK (east) Facies and one of the 4 facies making up the currently mined KAO Kimberlite pipe.

Due to the potential high value of this new stone and the potential risk of keeping this stone on site for any length of time the Namakwa Marketing Manager and the SMD Management requested and obtained permission to export this as per Kimberley Process certificate number LS000336 on the 26th June 2018.

This 29.65ct was exported at a value of USDPC300,000

The stone has been named THE ROSE OF KAO.

After the deep boiling acidization process undertaken at Elmyr Services bvba in Antwerp, the final weight of this large gem diamond was 29.59 cts.

THE ROSE OF KAO went on tender at BONAS in Antwerp, the tender marketing company acting on behalf of Storm Mountain Diamonds (Pty) Ltd & KAO.


Fancy Pink Diamond Rose of Kao Lesotho
Fancy Pink Diamond Rose of Kao Lesotho